Why You Should Work from Home

Even in the year 2021 some people still do not believe that you can work from home and make a living. Although my family would never truly understand my desire to blog I still want to make it my full-time job. I know it will take a while before the blog grows to where it needs to be for me to make a decent income, but I am prepared to work my butt off until that day comes. Making this my dream has been a tough decision to go against what I was raised to believe, but ever since I have begun blogging I have never thought of having a nine-to-five. I have a dream to work at home as I am sure many men and women do. Some people need that extra push to follow their dreams here are my reasons as to why I wish to work from home, hopefully, they will give those who are on the fence that extra push they need.

Firstly, I get to make my schedule. How amazing right? I don’t have to listen to a boss and I can decide if I want the day off. The only downside is I can get extremely lazy so, I have my wonderful hubby that keeps me on track. Just think about deciding what you want to do that day; write, focus on social media, go out and about, or even just stay in your pajamas and watch Harry Potter (which I am doing as I write). If you love being able to make your schedule you need organization and self-discipline as I have already mentioned. Keep that in mind if this is something you choose to do.

I grew up with my mom being a workaholic, which is not a terrible thing she supported me and my sister gave us a great life with anything we dreamed of having. I just know that I wish she were around more. I wish to be there with my kids through everything. I don’t want to be so consumed in the work that I miss any part of my kid’s life. I’m happy I am starting this early.

Third, I just love blogging. I was once pondering the idea of becoming a real estate agent. I took the class and everything. While I was in the class though I kept thinking of doing something else never just real estate. Also, the risk I would have selling homes, if I messed up even just the slightest bit I could lose my license or be sued. I wasn’t ready for that. Ever since I began blogging I have loved every second of it. I have not had any thoughts of finding another job and the risk is minimal. This is something I can put my whole heart into and I’m sure someone out there likes reading my blog. There are too many people in the world for everyone to hate it. At least I hope, Ha!

Last but certainly not least, with blogging, you can grow into another way of making money. I have read about how some bloggers in specific niches will consult others and that brings in a good chunk of change. Also, there are other opportunities for making money through companies online. These jobs can be arranged around your existing schedule to not make any conflict.

Staying home and not letting others stress you out is healthy for your mind and body. Staying home if you have kids is a wonderful way to ensure they grow into bright men and women. There are numerous reasons why someone should work from home. Don’t let anyone tell you that you cannot work from home and make it. If you need the inspiration to follow your heart just read Sarah Titus’ story. If that does not give you the motivation you need I do not know what will. I hope you follow your dreams and that you have a wonderfully happy day!

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