Save Money With Used Work Clothes

If you are in the workforce, one of the best ways to cut work expenses is to save money with used work clothes. Healthcare, construction, mechanics, and machinery workers all need special and durable clothes which adds to the cost of being employed.

Why Spend A Fortune For Uniforms and Work Clothes?

There’s no reason to spend top dollar on clothes that are exclusively for working in an industry that is particularly hard on clothing. Even the most expensive work pants will show signs of wear and tear immediately if worn to perform manual labor or in strenuous work environments. Save your money and buy high quality used clothes instead.

Where To Find Used Work Clothes Online

One of the best kept secrets out there is how to save money with used work clothes. Perhaps it’s because some of the companies specializing in selling used work clothes and uniforms have been around for nearly 50 years and somewhat old school when it comes to marketing and advertising. While you should not expect super snazzy websites, several have come up to speed though and now you can find a wonderful selection of used work clothes online.

My favorite sources are Walt’s Used Workwear. You can find very high-grade products that look nearly new, as well as being able to opt for lower grade products for even less. Walt specializes in more industrial clothing.

What You Can Expect In Quality and Condition of Used Work Clothes

In 20 years of buying from Walt’s, I can offer a very confident opinion of the quality of the products. The clothes come clean, starched, and in great condition. The jeans have always been spot-free, not worn, and always of thick grade denim. Most times they are popular work brands. The shirts have had name tags on them in most cases and can be ordered with them removed. Each time we have ordered, the clothes have come in a condition comparable to having been worn and washed only a handful of times.

Save More on Used Worth Clothes with Bundles

How much you save depends on how much you spend on work clothes buy new, of course, but you’ll see that the savings are significant. A new pair of jeans now runs around $40, while buying 7 pairs of used at Walt’s will run around $45. Walt also runs regular specials so you can find what you need for even less. It is also significant to note that I have never found comparable prices or consistency in availability or quality in the thrift stores.

What Are Some of the Advantages?

In addition to the significant savings, online resources for used work clothes offer a wide range of colors, styles, products, and constant availability. There’s no need to search high and low or end up with products that do not meet your needs or expectations when the online vendors do the work for you.

For many people, the cost of work clothing is a huge expense, and sometimes even prohibitive. When new clothes become used work clothes in just a few years, buying near new is a very attractive option. The ability to save money with used work clothes is a smart strategy for financial success.

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