Tips on Better Winter Fitness

With shorter days and colder temperatures, it can be difficult to maintain your fitness during the winter. Holiday feasts don’t help, either. Fortunately, it can still be easy to exercise through winter and achieve a healthy level of winter fitness. You just need to be creative; find a winter sport, act like a kid, change your winter fitness routine, and stay positive.

Winter Fitness Tips

  • Find a new sport. One of the first things that will help you to get better exercise and maintain fitness in the winter will be to realize that your winter exercise will probably be different than your summer exercise. When motivation drops in winter, find an activity that is more about fun than what you might think of as just exercise. For example, snowshoeing can be a real blast, but it also burns a lot of calories and is easy enough the whole family can do it together, making it a perfect winter exercise.
  • Play like a kid. Play with your kids. Either way, you’re sure to have lots of fun and burn some calories at the same time. Hiking up the sledding hill several times is good exercise, and then slide down is fun enough to keep you motivated. Building snowmen might not be the most aerobic activity, but it still keeps you off the couch.
  • Warm-up. Some people really enjoy winter running, but it’s important that you warm up properly if you want to run in the winter. Thoroughly perform your warm-up routine indoors to get your muscles loose and your body temperature up. It’s easy to overdress for winter running or any winter workout, and a longer warm-up inside will let you start with clothing more appropriate for the middle of your run. Winter is also a good time to make your warm-up more of an actual exercise routine, including working muscle groups you might ignore for the sake of specialization.
  • Stay inside. There are a lot of ways to stay fit inside your home. Stair climbers, exercise bikes, and treadmills provide great lower body and cardiovascular workouts. Home gyms let you work your whole body and come in compact designs. Exercise balls let you focus on your core muscles, which can be easy to forget.
  • Stay positive. Don’t feel bad because you aren’t doing as much as you might during the rest of the year. Negative thoughts make it tougher to stay motivated. Consider winter a time to give yourself a rest while still maintaining your fitness levels.

Things To Do When You’re Bored

Fun activities for kids


Make an obstacle course
Create photographic illusions
Build a snow fort or igloo (if winter)
Go sledding


Create a treasure hunt
Play a board game
Play a card game
Build a Rube Goldberg
Make a falling domino pattern
Film a stop-motion video
Build something out of popsicle sticks and paint it
Do a paint-by-number
Make a cardboard box robot
Learn a card trick or illusion
Make puppets out of socks or paper bags

Parental involvement needed:

Go geocaching
Sew a basic quilt

Why I Love Being a Mom

Before I was a Mom I would roll my eyes at some of my friends who only talked about their babies and wanted to show you all of their pictures. I thought that it was silly, redundant and I wasn’t very interested (I mean the baby looks the same in all of them…).

When you become a Mom, a switch flipped, and all of a sudden you have this tremendous responsibility. You feel overwhelmed, highly sensitive, defensive, and of course somewhat enamored with this little creature. Needless to say, keeping a tiny human alive is kind of a BIG deal.

Your infant becomes the only topic of conversation, your iPhone is overflowing with pictures of your baby and you seem to lose track of all concepts of time. You start to cherish things you never thought were important and your ideas about what is fun change immensely. As I reflect on what I used to love to do in my free time, I compiled this list of things that I love now that I’m a Mom.

Taking Pictures of the Tiny Human

Smiling, standing, giggling, crying, sleeping, playing…so many pictures! I love to take pictures of the little chunk. He makes so many different faces and he does so many fascinating things! I have zero space on my phone for anything else because there are so many pictures.

Talking About the Tiny Human

I feel a little bad sometimes when people ask how the baby is because I could give a 90-minute lecture on how he is. I have to remind myself that no one else cares about most of that stuff except for me. My life revolves around this little person so the only thing relevant to me…is him. Of course, I have other interests, but none of them are as interesting as him.

Spending Time at Home

I used to hate staying at home, especially on the weekends. I wanted to be out, walking around, enjoying time with my husband and friends. Now, the task of leaving the house is too daunting. So, spending time at home is the new normal and it’s growing on me. There is something peaceful about being at home especially because I don’t have to hold my breath and pray that my son doesn’t have a meltdown while everyone stares at me.

Being Alone

I never used to like to be alone very much. I felt lonely when my husband would have classes or be gone on work. I would call my sisters or my friends to see if they wanted to have dinner, just to avoid being by myself the whole time. Now, being alone is the most sacred time I have because I’m never alone. I will often leave the baby downstairs with my husband so that I can pump upstairs and I won’t return from “pumping” for about an hour. It is seriously the only time I have to myself and I love it.

Baby Wearing

I don’t think I ever really understood the concept of babywearing before becoming a Mom. I would see people wearing their baby and I had no opinion about it. Now that I’m a Mom, I want to wear my baby everywhere all the time. Wearing him makes me feel whole like he is an extension of me. He also is calm when I wear him and tends to take little naps too!

Being a Mom

I can honestly say that being a Mom is no joke, hard work. I break down at least once a day about little things, I get frustrated with him as he rolls over when I’m trying to change his diaper or when he hits the spoon out of my hand and apple sauce gets everywhere. But, I can honestly say, I love being a Mom.

15 Awesome Resume Writing Tips

There is only one reason you need to read these awesome resume writing tips. The job market is more competitive than ever before, with more people competing for that one, coveted job. Without following some seriously strategic resume writing tips, your resume might end up at the bottom of the pile.

Most resumes get only a 10-25 second look-over before passed on to a hiring manager or tossed aside entirely. The good news is that, with a little effort, you can create a resume that will help you stand out as the superior candidate that you happen to be and compel them to give you that prized interview.

Get the attention of prospective employers by following these resume writing tips:

  • Keep it clean and easy to read.
  • Do not use unusual fonts.
  • Keep a list of key points to serve as your compass in the creation of your resume.
  • Remember to keep what makes you a marketable asset in mind as you write, and convey it in the resume.
  • Create your resume for the specific job, and do not use one that is “all-purpose” no matter how much time it saves.
  • Don’t use fancy formatting when applying through online services. Even bullets can cause formatting problems on the other end.
  • Ditch objectives and summary, says top recruiter Tony Beshara, author of Unbeatable Resumes. They’re fluff.
  • Place job experience before school experience, unless you are a very recent graduate.
  • Avoid generic titles and descriptions of your previous work experience. Instead of “ Management” try “Management for a team of 45 in ……” using specifics and quantifiers.
  • Quantify accomplishments instead of making general claims. Don’t say “Successfully led a team of… doing ….” Instead say Led a team of 25 in completing this project, this much under budget, ahead of schedule, …”
  • Ditch the picture(unless specific to the job). It’s a resume, not a real estate business card.
  • Avoid negativity at all costs.
  • Unless specifically requested, do not include your age.
  • Be truthful. That may seem like a no-brainer, but it is cited as one of the biggest problems faced by recruiters.
  • Proofread it, forward, and backward. Then get someone else to proof it. A third person can’t hurt, either.

Remember, clarity is power! Keep it succinct and follow these resume writing tips and you’ll gain attention.