How to Reupholster Kitchen Chairs

You can re-cover your padded kitchen chairs easily at home with any fabric you choose. Start by turning the chair upside down on the table and removing the four screws that hold the seat to the frame.

Set the chair frame aside while we focus on the seat. Using a screwdriver and pliers, remove all of the staples holding the existing fabric to the seat. Use the old fabric as pattern to cut the new fabric to size. Place the fabric face down and lay the seat on top of it face down as well.

Using short (1/4” or 5/16”) staples, staple the front edge of the fabric to the underside of the seat starting from the center and working out to the ends. Pull the fabric tightly and staple the opposite end in the same manner. Repeat the process on the two sides, folding the corners over to give a nice finished look.

Set your chair frame back up on the seat and re-install the four screws. Repeat this process 3 more times, sit down with your favorite beverage, and admire your work.

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