How to Keep Your Toddler Entertained While Waiting

It’s always my mission to try to avoid a meltdown when we’re out and about. There’s nothing better than a kid kicking, screaming, crying, and/or throwing himself on the floor while everyone in the store is staring at you like you are the Worst Parent Ever. We’ve all been there…or will be at some point. It’s just inevitable!

Here are the things that I’ve found work for us:

Keep your toddler’s schedule in mind: My son has always been a routine kid…he loves it…I love it…it works for us. I tend to make appointments or run errands when I know it will work for him.

Make sure you have snacks: Before I go anywhere, I pack a sippy cup, Plum pouch, and Goldfish/Cheerios/etc. When in doubt, fill them with snacks!

Have special toys on hand: I carry a coloring book, colors, and a ziplock bag of small cars and action figures in my purse. I tend to only let him have these particular toys when we are out (not at home so they stay in my purse). And I tend to only pull out one trick at a time, as I need it.

Never leave home without your iPhone: Kids love phones. I have all kinds of kiddie apps – flashcards, Talking Tom, anything that might be the slightest bit entertaining for the boy. I have a folder on my phone for just his apps. I also have a few movies on there that he can watch when I’m really in a bind. YouTube is a lifesaver too!

Set your priorities: Let’s face it…your errand time with a toddler is limited. So I run my important errands first when he’s more likely to be in a good mood. That way if he has a breakdown, I at least accomplished my priorities (hopefully).

Know when to call it quits: Some days you just need to cut your losses and try another time!

What kind of tips/tricks are in your arsenal???

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