Freebie Tips

Finding Freebies

You can use websites to stay on top of new freebies to request. Another idea is to follow your favorite brands via their social media networks (Twitter, Facebook, and so forth). If they have a freebie to offer, they will probably share that via social media and if you follow them, you’ll get the heads up. It’s also a good idea to pay attention to the promotional messages you get from your favorite brands in your inbox. I know it’s always tempting to just delete promotional emails without reading them, but those emails are a great way to learn about upcoming freebies.

Understand That Freebies Run Out Fast

Freebies are popular. Once a freebie goes live, it’s not at all uncommon for that freebie to be G-O-N-E within a day’s time or even in some cases just a few minutes! There are some very popular freebie and deal websites out there with thousands of readers who broadcast the availability of these freebies and they get snatched up. This happens fast because there is usually only a limited number of freebies available in the first place. Don’t get frustrated, just keep trying. Some you’ll be lucky enough to grab and some you won’t.

Should You Request Every Freebie?

Don’t request the ones you know you’ll never use. For example, if it’s a freebie for hair dye and you don’t dye your hair, there’s not much point in requesting that freebie even though it is free. But if you know someone who will use it, why not request it for that person? That is the way I normally look at freebies. I request the things that I know myself or someone else will use at some point.

Using an Alternate Email to Sign Up For Freebies

Speaking of promotional emails, you may not want these coming to your personal inbox. While these emails can be useful, they can also clutter up your inbox in a hurry. Signing up for freebies often means that you opt into the various newsletters these brands might send out. If you don’t like all the emails, then you may want to set yourself up with a free email account at a place like Gmail or Yahoo! and just use that email for requesting freebies.

When Freebies Come in Handy

Freebies, especially the travel-sized items, are wonderful to take with you on trips. The small size makes them very portable and in most cases, you won’t be staying on your trip long enough to require taking a full-sized version of something anyway. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to turn to my freebie stash when I’ve run out of something at my house! It happens — you run out of toothpaste, shampoo, deodorant, etc. and realize you didn’t pick up any extra last time you went shopping. This is when you’ll be thanking the lucky stars you had a freebie on hand you could use in the meantime.

Another idea is to keep your free samples in an extra bedroom or bathroom at your house. If you have a guest room or a bathroom you use primarily for guests, you can keep free samples of things in those rooms so that your visitors can use them if they ever need to. Just throw them all in a big basket and place it on a counter or a dresser for easy access.

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