DIY Your Own Blake Lively Inspired Painted Jeans

Blake Lively is beautiful. And her style is right on point too. And her painted pants blew us out of the water! So you know what? You should have a pair of Blake Lively inspired painted jeans too!

Yes, You Should Have a Pair of Blake Lively inspired Painted Jeans Too

You know you want them! I don’t know about you but I don’t have $495 to spend on one pair of pants. So what do we do when we want something way out of reach of our budget? We find a way to make it ourselves!

This post is inspired by my sister-in-law. She was the one to first introduce me to Blake Lively’s painted pants. She made me a pair out of a pair of vintage Levis. And they turned out amazing! So I got thinking, how fun would it be to make a pair for each of my girls?! So I asked S and G if they wanted a pair and of course, they said yes. So we began.

Now, this tutorial is not ground-breaking by any means. But what makes our tutorial special is that my girls were able to help! I come up with lots of projects for me to do myself but rarely do I come up with ones that the girls can help with. And since strengthening family relationships, spending more time together, and making time to do fun things for me (this project killed three birds with one stone) were major motivating factors to starting this blog, I wanted to do some projects that the kids could help with.

Our pants don’t look exactly like hers, but we love them. That is one of the great things about DIY projects. You can make them your own. And the girls love them and in the end that is all that matters. And I want them to know that they did an amazing job! I want them to enjoy creating and have confidence that they can create amazing things!

The Supplies:

  1. A pair of boyfriend-style jeans. If you need ideas of what would work, here are some ideas. How cute would these be for little girls?!! Here is a good pair for women.
  2. Paint (we used acrylic but fabric paint would work just as well. We probably should have added a fabric paint medium to our paint but we forgot. So if you use acrylic, use a fabric paint medium also) The colors are up to you. If you are re-creating Blake Lively’s pants exactly then you will want white, a darker pink, a light pink, and black.
  3. Paintbrushes and a foam paintbrush (You want something with a round stick for the handle. A foam brush should have this or a dowel would also).
  4. Newspaper or something to put under your pants while you paint them

Let’s Begin

  • If your pants are not distressed and you want them that way, then distress them first.
  • Next, begin by painting white paint all over your pants. You could splatter it, drip it, use big brush strokes or small ones. Really you can do it however you want. Don’t forget the pockets! Let the white paint dry before moving on to the next step.
  • Using the black paint and your smaller brush, paint the branches that your blossoms will be on. You can do them where ever you want or you could do them like Blake’s pants. If you are doing them like Blake’s then you will want branches on the right front pocket area and the left knee and shin area. On the back, you want a branch in the back left pocket. Let dry completely before moving on.
  • Once your black paint has dried, use your darker pink paint and whatever round stick you are using to paint on your dark pink circles. You can do them thick like S did or you could make them more spread out. To recreate Blake’s place your pink dots in a flower shape using five dots and make these “flowers” more spread out. Again, let dry.
  • The last step in making your super awesome Blake Lively inspired painted pants is to paint your light pink blossoms. Using the same round end you used in the last step, paint your light pink painted dots. Again, you can do it however but if you want to continue like Blake’s, repeat the last step but use the light pink paint. And bam, you are done.
  • Let your pants dry and then wear them like a boss! Now, if you are still hesitating, maybe even wondering why you would need a pair of pants like this in your life, let me provide you with some reasons.

Why You Should Have A Pair Of Painted Pants

It is looking like painted pants are the next big thing! And you want to be cool right? right! 😉
They are fun! And we like fun around here and you should too!
They are surprisingly versatile. You could go casual with a tee and sneaks or you could dress it up with a silky shirt and heels. And those are just a few options.
They are unique. While everyone is still wearing their black skinny jeans with the distressed knees, you are rocking something new! (Disclaimer: black skinny jeans with the distressed knees are still super awesome. I am hoping a pair joins my closet family soon!)
Deciding you need a pair allows you to create. And that is always a good thing in my book.
They are comfortable. A great pair of perfectly loose boyfriend jeans are always comfy yet keep you looking chic.
They are flattering on everyone! Blake Lively even said she wore these because they are post-baby body friendly. Which means they would work for anyone with or without some fluff around their middle. Nothing wrong with a little fluff. 🙂 I have fluff. Because I like cookies. And chocolate. And Dr. Pepper. And… 😉

So there you have it. How to make your pair and why you should do exactly that. Now go and do it!!!!

***Not sure how to wear your new favorite pants? Check out this post here for 18 outfit ideas to get you started!

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