DIY copper and rope vase

When I was in Melbourne, I saw a coiled rope vase in a little boutique that I thought I could easily DIY. the original plan was to recreate this bad boy.

But then I saw another rope vase on the @ispyDIY Instagram feed that featured some copper accents, and I was inspired to take things in a new direction. I think I will still attempt the silver (or maybe gold) version above, but decided to go with the copper accented one first.

Supplies you will need:

Rope, liquid nails, caulking gun, a plastic vessel to wrap your rope around, and the copper pipe thingies. You will also need masking tape.

Processed with Rookie as you can see, I ended up choosing a ketchup dispenser as the vessel because it was the right diameter and height. I started the project by cutting off the top so that I was working with a cylinder. I found it was easiest to flip the vase over and start at what will be the bottom of the vase. Then, I put a line of liquid nails down three sides of the vase and then attached the rope to the liquid nails using a piece of masking tape to secure it in place while it dries.

If you are in a nice studio with qualified assistants, you can ask them to competently feed on a copper thingie when you are ready for it. If you are like me, and your assistant is a 4-year-old you don’t even trust with safety scissors, and you are working in an old dairy barn, I would suggest feeding all of the copper pieces onto the rope at the beginning.

This way, when you are ready to insert on into place on your vase, you can easily feed it down with one hand while you are holding the rope on the vase with your other hand. Just disperse the copper accent pieces wherever you feel they look best, and wrap them till you get to the bottom (which is really the top). At that point, flip it right side up and add an extra dab of liquid nails to secure the end piece of rope, securing with masking tape until set.

Once dry, peel off the masking tape, fill and admire 🙂 I think this vase is perfect for a Thanksgiving tablescape. It would also add a bit of industrial flair to a nautical-inspired room. What do you think?

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