Things To Do When You’re Bored

Fun activities for kids Outdoor: Make an obstacle courseCreate photographic illusionsBuild a snow fort or igloo (if winter)Go sledding Indoor: Create a treasure huntPlay a board gamePlay a card gameBuild a Rube GoldbergMake a falling domino patternFilm a stop-motion videoBuild something out of popsicle sticks and paint itDo a paint-by-numberMake a cardboard box robotLearn aContinue reading “Things To Do When You’re Bored”

15 Awesome Resume Writing Tips

There is only one reason you need to read these awesome resume writing tips. The job market is more competitive than ever before, with more people competing for that one, coveted job. Without following some seriously strategic resume writing tips, your resume might end up at the bottom of the pile. Most resumes get onlyContinue reading “15 Awesome Resume Writing Tips”

Book Review: The Last Thing – Briana Gaitan Synopsis: Plagued by past mistakes in both love and life, Quinn Bardot is in a bad place. With nowhere else to turn, she escapes to LA clinging to the promise of a fresh start. Chase Crowley is known for being selfish and unbelievably persistent. All he’s ever wanted is to become a successful actor.Continue reading “Book Review: The Last Thing – Briana Gaitan”