Ruffled Buttercream Frosting Cake

A few weeks ago, it was my beautiful friend Mrs. V’s birthday. Her amazing husband planned a fabulous day of girly activities for us ladies to celebrate her special day. We had a lovely lunch at a local cafe, followed by shopping, pedicures, and all ending in a relaxing Sunday afternoon session of canapés, cocktails,Continue reading “Ruffled Buttercream Frosting Cake”

Keep Your Money: 21 Ways to Save Money on Clothes

Saving Money on Clothes Clothing is a necessary thing, but it does not have to add up to a huge expense. No matter how large the family, you can save money on clothes and still look fabulous. Being frugal doesn’t mean dressing in rags; it means using all of your resources wisely while spending theContinue reading “Keep Your Money: 21 Ways to Save Money on Clothes”