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We’ve all heard stories of yoga classes where people have let funny sounds accidentally escape their body. Apparently a sign of how relaxed you are, or how focused you can become on a particular position or breathing technique.

Well let me tell you, for a beginner (yoga student, that is, not in general), I am nailing the breathing stuff. I can breathe in and way, way down, inflating my lower dahn-jon (lower abdomen) like a balloon.

Unfortunantly, during a recent class, I got a little carried away with my cool, calm, controlled breathing, and accidentally breathed in a speck of dust.

Game over.

We’re in the middle of serious meditation time, (and we know how serious these guys are about their yoga practice), when some idiot throws a coughing fit. Marvellous. Probably that beginner girl.

I tried my best to surpress it, to keep it down, to magic up enough spit in my mouth to act as a drink, desperately trying to loosen the speck of dust stuck down there, knowing only too well the only thing that would help would be to cough hard, and cough loud. I let out a tiny little cough, as quietly as I could, and then tried to get back into my breathing. But every breath I inhaled tickled my throat like you wouldn’t believe, making it ten times worse.

Coughed again.

And again.

Tried to swallow more saliva. Cough. COUGH! COUGH!!!

Beyond embarrassed. Serves me right for being so cocky about my breathing skills.

I ended up having a full on, can’t catch my breath cause there’s a speck of dust wedged in my throat, type of coughing fit, only to be rescued by the yoga teacher who came rushing over with warm, healing tea. Complete and utter disaster. Ruined meditation time for the entire class, who I’m sure are focusing all their energy towards me not renewing my membership once my trial period is over.

I’d love to hear your funny yoga stories, too! Please don’t say i’m the only one?


PS. I found this cooler than cool image here. I want to be this cool. Cough.



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