Inspired by The 52 Project.

DSC_0356 DSC_0360

Sienna: Finley is making her laugh, while they run around the garden, each holding one end of a rope. I can’t describe how incredibly awesome it is watching them play together.

Finley: I don’t often catch him looking straight into the camera, but just by pure luck I caught him, mid laugh, mid run; this moment lasted for all of one tiny little millisecond, before he ran off, cheekily giggling and making Sienna chase him, round and round the palm tree, grassy area and table and chairs. I sat still, smiling and watching them (and hoping neither would trip up), from behind my lens.

I had lots of other shots of both of them from the past week. Some serious ones, and some comical ones, and some where the sunlight came pouring through our windows, lighting their little faces up, perfectly. But I chose these two, because just by looking at them, I can hear their bubbly laughter.

- – – – – – – – – -

I have so many photos I can’t wait to share with you from these past couple of weeks! I’ll try to catch up this week, and post a few of my favourites at least. This week I concentrated on a few painting projects, whenever I had any spare time to myself. There’s something so deliciously therapeutic about throwing paint onto a big canvas, mixing it around with your hands, moving the paint up and down, across and along, stepping back and adding some more. It’s good for the soul, for sure.

Did you enjoy a special Valentines Day? Are you a fan of the big L-O-V-E day, or do you find it all too much? An exaggerated and commercialised holiday?We tend to keep it low key, and don’t buy each other big gifts, but instead try to do something special together. This weekend we went camping in the desert with our friends, and without it being very valentine-ish, in terms of heart shaped balloons and rose petals scattered across crisp white hotel bed sheets, I’d probably say it was my favourite yet.



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