* THE 52 PROJECT * 1/52


Inspired by The 52 Project. 

DSC_0128 DSC_0152Sienna: Requests two things every single day; to go to the pool, and to visit her friend Viktoria. Words and sentences are flying out of her faster than we can sometimes keep up with, telling us five different, completely unrelated, things all at once before she stops and takes a break. 

Finley: He put on a music and dance show for us in the garden this weekend, using a plastic toy cooker as a cd player. Dancing is his favourite, and I filmed parts of it, which he loved watching again and again afterwards. 

I’m super excited to join in the 52 project this year, inspired by the very talented Jodi at Practicing Simplicity. I hope that by giving myself a challenge, and committing to this project, it’ll help me grow and develop as a creative photographer.

I love the idea of using all the portraits to create a book at the end of it, and I can’t wait to look back at all the photos and see the story they tell. Childhood flies by too quickly, we are all so busy with our everyday lives and routines, but I want to make the time; to stop, watch and capture our everyday memories, and remember exactly where my little people are in their lives right now. Their funny expressions, and twinkly eyes, their awesome personalities and their incredible imagination; real life, through my eyes.


  1. Fantastic love this idea and what a super photographer you are now and these skills can develop even better. Really looking forward to following your 52 weeks.

    • Thank you! I’m excited, as I’ve been admiring some of my favourite bloggers and photographers taking part..

  2. lovely idea. I am doing all kinds of 52 and 365 projects but might try and incorpoate something like that I also want to do a monthly project getting photos of me with my children each month. Sometimes its so much easier when you have a proejct like this to make sure those kind of photos get taken. I look forward to seeing them evey month

    • Your right, it’s a great idea to set goals and commit to projects. Look forward to following along with yours, too!

  3. Wow what a wonderful project. Your photos are always so heartwarming, can’t wait to watch the results taking shape :)

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