DSC_0136It’s raining a little here today. Nothing drastic, nothing to write home about really, but I’m staring out of my window and most days all I can see is blue, blue, perfect blue and bright sunshine lighting up the street below. But today; grey.

- – – – – – – – – -

We enjoyed a perfect end to our holidays last weekend. Our friends invited us to join them at Safa Park, and so finally we made it to one of the organic fruit and veg markets in Dubai, and because I felt so overcome with calm and oh, holidays and lots of family time, how I heart thee, I let my husband and kids pick the fruit and vegetables, whilst I busied myself with RAW coffee and admiring the small art and crafts stalls. Walking around admiring other artists work, fills me with the best feeling. I may not like everything I see, it may be far from my taste in colours, prints, painting technique, but regardless, these people are doing it. They’re doing what they love, they’re making stuff they like, and they’re sharing it with the crowds. They’re taking their passion, and mixing it up with a few cups of courage and a good dose of hard work, and putting themselves out there. I admire that.

DSC_0112DSC_0115Back to the vegetables. The three of them were besides themselves with excitement when they showed me their box of local, organic produce afterwards: beetroots and radishes.

Beetroots and radishes.

I mean, sure, I’ve heard rumours of beetroot being awesome in a chocolate cake, but, you guys. You guys, come on. I don’t even know where to open it. Peel it? And radishes? So yes, we have major Peter Rabbit fever going on in our house, but let’s be real, unless I find a smoothie recipe, in which I can cleverly disguise it, no one will be giving that poor bunch of radishes a chance. Are we talking peel, chop or whole?

Roasted beets and crunchy radishes for Mum for the next few weeks it is then. Salad for one coming right up. Way to kickstart the new years diet!

DSC_0117On Saturday, as it was our last day off, we spent the day on the beach, playing in, and trying not to get knocked over by, the waves and eating awesome pizza by the marina (while dreaming of beetroots and radishes, of course), with our friend Sally, who not only provides cool and interesting adult discussions, but also doubles up as a children’s entertainer/nanny. It’s win win.

DSC_0151Hope your holiday was filled with calm and fun and fast and slow and quiet and loud and looking up new recipes and eating vegetables that for a while you’d forgotten all about. Have a great start to the new term, and the new month, and the new year! And go easy on those resolutions.       DSC_0164DSC_0113DSC_0160xoxo

  1. Beetroots are awesome if you peel them, drizzle them with some olive oil, sprinkle them with salt and pepper, wrap them in aluminum foil and bake them in the oven! When they are done, drizzle with Sind balsamic vinegar and you have a winner!
    Fantastic photos by the way!

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