Hi, you guys, how was your week? Was it good?

A year ago this week we packed up our bags and our house and boxes and rucksacks and more bags, as we waved farewell-see-you-later to London, and headed for sandier pastures. I can’t believe a whole year has past since we first arrived in Dubai, and I worried for days about where, and even IF, I could get hold of a razor in this huge and very intimidating new place. IF I would EVER be able to shave again.

It turns out you can absolutely get hold of razors in Dubai, and shockingly enough, they stock them in most bog standard, just down the road, normal, everyday supermarkets.

It also turns out, my husband shaves. Most days. And uses a razor. So I’ll just put my fear and worry of letting my legs turn into overgrown, wild and furry forests, down to Hey, I’m NEW nerves and maybe I’m slightly totally completely overwhelmed and I’m doing my very best not to show it.

weekend 25.10


This week we’ve enjoyed Grandparents from the UK visiting. It’s been windy which makes for fun, hold-on-tight and be a little careful in those waves, and lovely, slightly cooler temperatures. We’ve got some pumpkins to carve this weekend, and some little costumes to prepare. Will you be celebrating Halloween?

Some fun weekend links:

Learning with Teddy, a good article hereWe first introduced our friend Teddy here. 

Prettiest pumpkin.  

Halloween costume for Barbie.

Halloween garland. (It even glows in the dark!)


  1. wow a year already? That does seem to have gone quickly!
    I always love the Friday posts best cos I get more photos to admire ;)

    • Hope you are having a good weekend!

      It’s just flown by, can’t quite believe it myself..

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