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A good trick to feeling pretty.

Probably one of our favourite Living With Kids features ever.

weekend 16.8
is what our weekend looked like this time last year.

Tomorrow is our last day in Oslo, before we head to the South West of Norway for the last leg of our journey. It’s seems crazy that in just over a week, we’ll be back in Dubai. We’ll have a few days to settle back in to our house, our routines and the heat, before Finley starts school.

The weather has been incredibly good to us this summer, and i’ve been cursing our large bag full of wet weather gear, including my heavy knee high wellies. It seemed like such a waste dragging them around with us, when we’ve not needed them.

Until today.

We finally got to use our rain gear! Hurray. My feet stayed warm and dry, while the puddles grew larger and the skies turned greyer. It rained as we ran to the bus, and it rained while we watched the big girls play their end of week football match against their team coaches. And now, while the rest of the house are fast asleep, I’m cross legged on the bed, listening to the rain outside, window slightly open, looking through photos of the last few days.

We’ve danced, we’ve played, dressed up as lions and stood in dog poo. We’ve shouted, we’ve cried, we’ve laughed and we’ve done our best and mostly failed at breathing deeply and letting minor incidents wash over ourselves. I won’t pretend eight strong (and at times stroppy) personalities under one roof is always a breeze, yet now that our stay is coming to an end, all I can do is smile.

Memories were made, fun was had, and bonds were given the opportunity to grow even stronger.

What did your week look like? Do you have plans for the weekend? Whatever you do, we hope it’s bright, and we hope you enjoy.


  1. sounds like you have had a wonderful time – and had some great weather. Love the “legs in the air” photo! Safe trip home

    • One of those minisecondmoments we’re sometimes quick enough or lucky enough to capture :)

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