While lucky Louisa jets across to the west of Norway for a 24 hour visit, including a wedding party and Mum time (Jealous much? Me? Maybe a little. Or a lot.), we are enjoying our last day with our friends from the UK here in Dubai.

The day started with our weekend staple – a big pancake breakfast, with a whole cupboards worth of toppings to choose from; bananas, honeyed pistachios, raisins, cinnamon, natural yogurt, maple syrup, a selection of jams… Do you have any weekend traditions? For us, it’s about making sure the weekend feels special – something different from our oats and muesli weekday routine.

week21PicMonkey Collage

A little link lovin from around the web this week;

Love Ketchup? Love this recipe for homemade wonder sauce.

Love picnics. And love beautiful photos.

We’re still travelling around Copenhagen with our blog crush Justina Blakeney. Oh, sweet, mother of coolest cities in the world, Cph, you still hold a piece of our hearts.

According to Design Mom, Norwegian phone booths win. As for the rest of the country, I’m pretty sure she’ll love that, too.

weekend 9 mayHope you have a beautifully awesome and inspiring weekend,

Louisa and Camilla

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  1. Your photos always make me smile… For us, I find our weekends tend to be more “work” than play–the days when big chores get done. But that’s because as a self-employed/homeschooling family, we tend to take our “weekends” in the middle of the week. But this week, with highs of 27 projected–unheard of this far north this early in May–we will be outside. All day. Every day. Firepitting. Splashing in our ice cold river. Chores can wait until the temperature plummets again.

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