Sometimes it feels like the week is dragging on and we find ourselves longing for the weekend to finally be here. And yet, when you look back at the past week, it seems to have flown past? It’s like we’re constantly wanting time too slow down and speed up and then slow back down again. Do you sometimes feel like that?

This week I’ve been thinking about New Year Resolutions. Are you managing to sick to your goals, well on your way to fulfilling this years ambitions and dreams?

Some goals I’m working on, while some (re: running), not so much yet. But we’ll get there. I mean, 2014 is way, way off still, right? Right? 

w20PicMonkey Collage

A few links from around the web:

My favorite thing to eat? Tricky question I tell you! What about you?

On Instagram? We’re NEW, but its like building a puzzle; and the creative people out there: Woha! 

Simple, yet cool Fruit Prints by Enzo Mari

weekend 3.5Much Friday love to you,

Louisa & Camilla x


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