Don’t you agree? Whether you’ve had a hectic and trying week, a calm week, or just a plain normal week, the sound of those Friday bells ringing feels pretty nice, ey?

For us the weekend signals family time. Get stuff done time. Stay in your pyjamas till late morning time. Visit friends time. Enjoy a glass of wine time.

Wind down, and recharge time.

What does the weekend mean to you? Have you got plans?

The snow is finally, finally melting, in Oslo. The butterflies are out and spring IS here. No, really, this time it really is. This week has been… challenging. To say the least. Still, Mum is flying over to see us this weekend, so we’re good.

W17PicMonkey Collage*****weekend19.4

Dubai is heating up. This week has been HOT. And they tell me this is nothing compared to how hot it will be getting… long live a fully functioning A/C system, and a long European holiday this summer.


A few links from around the web that caught our attention this week:

Dove’s beauty campaign continues to inspire and educate us, and this brought tears to my eyes when watching it. Every woman should watch this. “Only 4% of women around the world consider themselves beautiful … we decided to conduct a compelling social experiment that explores how women view their own beauty in contrast to what others see.

We are in awe of these stunning, yet frightening images. They’re completely amazing.

And this quirky and cool duo, have us laughing…. a lot. They are full of brilliant ideas and, you know,  quirky!

Have fun this weekend you lovely people, you.

Louisa & Camilla xoxo

  1. Janet Finsnes said:

    Did you say…… Butterflies ? As in winged insects that come out in the warm spring ? In Oslo? Now ? Na, cant be true . Its still freezing cold in Stavanger .eeeeeek x

    Sent from my iPad

  2. We finally got some pretty weather today in Oslo, sadly I´ve been stuck inside all day writing an essay… Usually, the weekend means going to a cafe, preferably United Bakeries, enjoying croissants and hot chocolate, or now that summer is approaching, ice-cream on Aker Brygge.. :-)

    • Oooh – United Bakery, we’re huge fans! Especially of their super crusty, super grainy rolls, with butter and homemade jam.

  3. Aaah we had unbelievably blue skies this weekend too! I kept looking for clouds I could barely believe it! I can’t say I’d prefer a summer in Dubai though, I can imagine it would get extremely hot! I love the British summer whenever it chooses to make an appearance every few years :P
    I don’t know why, but those pancakes just captivated my attention…!

    • hahaa ;-) they were good…
      we’re escaping the worst of the heat this summer, with a 2 month break in Europe… it’ll be waaaay too hot for us by then! In Dubai that is, not Europe. I doubt it’ll feel TOO hot there?? ;-)

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