Reliability. Punctuality. Commitment.

Yes that’s right, I’m talking about you, our dear, old friend; The Weekend. So nice of you to show up like this, same time, same place every week. We know we can rely on you to be there ready to pick up the tail end of our week – whether it’s been a good one, or not. I can only imagine, it’s because you like spending time with us, that you keep coming back every week.

So for that, thanks, Weekend. We like you too. A lot.

w11PicMonkey Collage


weekend 15.3

So, this weekend we’ll be trying these irresistible banana chocolate chip muffins, recommended and made by one of our lovely readers from San Francisco!

… while we’re into the food making, we’ll pop by this favorite food site and get inspired for our veggie day on Monday.

Soon Easter? Fear not; lets get into the spirit of things and make a some Easter deco! These are too cute to even consider giving a miss!

Hope you all have a great weekend doing whatever makes you happy!

Louisa and Camilla xoxo

  1. Thanks for sharing your wonderful family life & children’s images. You both have a gift for capturing the beauty of family life & put them together in such a creative & eye-catching way in each post.

  2. We’re incredibly grateful for your words and feedback on our photography – THANK YOU so much ;-)

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