Way back when, in 2012, when we launched our blog, many a brainstorming session was necessary. Some wine was shared, as well as some mighty fine cheeses, serious discussions and thoughtful planning.

In honour of Lou’s birthday, I’d like to share some of that cheese with you today.

You know I’ve got it in me – the soppy cheesiness. Here are some quotes kindly sent to us by our Brand Manager, intended to warm our hearts, nurture our sisterly bond and motivate the start of this inspiring journey as business partners;

“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of.” Don’t I know it…

“Sisters are different flowers from the same garden” Deep.. Some more wine with that stilton?

Stop! No seriously, I need to stop.

Oh, man. Every time I read through these quotes, it sends me into fits of laughter. I. can. not. go. on.

Too funny.DSC_0709

Sigh.. Oh, ok then, for you – I’ll share some more.

“In the cookies of life, sisters are the chocolate chips.” Need I say more… HAHAA! Rolling round on the floor again.

I have saved these quotes. Every now and again I stumble across their file on my computer, and it cracks me up no end, reminding me of a very special trip to Oslo last year, with my flowery chocolate chip Sister. Love you.

sister w kids

So although I didn’t quite manage to post your gift on time this year, I hope I can make up for it it February when you’re here – and in the meantime, let me leave you with this special little gem;

“Of two sisters, one is the watcher and one is the dancer.”

I’ll sit this one out, while you get those sparkly dancing shoes out – ready to jiggle, shake and groove your way through a well deserved birthday weekend.

Camilla xoxo

  1. Happy Birthday – I’m playing catch up again! Lovely lovely photos and sentiments. You two make me so jealous as I dont have a sister :(

  2. Happy day – og takk for en superduper feiring her i Stavanger – veeeeeldig koselig at du kom hjem, og veeeeldige koselig av Hilde to fix you a party, og alltid veldig veldig kjekt å være sammen med deg, din skjønneskjønning. KLEM!!!

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