Have you met the fifth member of our family? Geoffrey the Elephant is Finley‘s very most treasured item, he would take him everywhere if only we let him. He used to be ever so handsome and silky soft, although these days his fur is slightly more straggly, and his squidgyness not quite so squidgy. I guess a trillion cuddles, somersaults, a few wee incidents, sickness bugs, high flying adventures from your cousin’s bunk bed, and several soapy rounds in the washing machine will do that to you.

I read this week on Design Mom that the American Academy of Paediatrics say comforters (Or loveys. Or kosi.) have lots of benefits for children, including reassurance, comfort, and security. Now I have always been a great fan of children using comforters, so I couldn’t agree more with those guys.

How about you? Does your child have a favourite cuddly toy, or a comforter of some sort? Did you have one when you were little?


  1. Caroline J Hughes said:

    The awful thing with Geoffrey is that Gran has also become very attached to this extra member of the family! But he frightens me to death as he does disappearing acts! And he is soooo quiet … You just don’t hear HIM when he falls under the seat on a filthy train floor!

    • When did he fall on this filthy train floor you mention? Something you’ve not told me??

  2. My son has a teddy bear which he sleeps with since his birth (more ore less). After seeing how much it meant to him I went and bought one more in case he ever loses his first. I lost mine when I was around 6 and I still remember it to this day (almost 30 years later)!

    • I can imagine how heartbreaking that must have been for you!! I lost mine a couple of times as a child, so we put up posters around our village, and amazingly! Amazingly, he made his way back home;-)
      Such a great idea to have a second one as a back up!

  3. My kids also have a comforter. Me. One loves my arm the other two my hair. /Louisa xx

  4. All of my kids have some form of comforter. We have driven miles back to a hotel to search for a forgotten stuffed animal, purchased a 2nd of the exact animal just in case, had a headless elephant that my daughter loved mailed to us when she left it on vacation, and spent many evenings searching for a misplaced blanket!

  5. such sweet photos :) my daughter and i are both quite attached to blankets. she even usurped my favorite one. she can usually be found carrying two or more at a time…

  6. Just look at the photo…. Barnaby’s “diddy” need I say anymore! He and Louis’ monkey are the 5th and 6th members of the thornton clan!!! :-) x

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