Our kids love pancakes full-stop. So we often have pancakes for breakfast during the weekends. Usually the French style, the flat ones. Sometimes we have American pancakes too, but I have yet to perfect this, as it usually ends up a bit doughy and not at all what we had in mind. Anyway. Emilia on the other hand keeps asking for waffles (Norway style), which to me is a dessert, but then again she´ll quite often ask for spaghetti bolognese for breakfast. (True girlfriend style, right?)

Last weekend we travelled to Sweden to see some friends, where we prepared our pancakes on open fire outdoors. In the rain. And cold. And somehow they just ended up tasting TEN TIMES better than anything we have had before. Must be the fresh air and drizzle right?

Is it a fly? Is it a raisin? Bit of dirt? Nah, just a healthy piece of soot floating round in the batter.

My brother-in-law does a wicked combo topping. Top notch British sausages glazed in honey, topped with honey glazed pistachio nuts. My sister prefers butter, cinnamon and sugar. Sounds weird? It is, but so is she, and it’s actually quite delicious. Our Mum´s favorite choice when we grew up; sugar and lemon – a trusty winner.

What about you? What topping do you like on your pancake? Or do you just like it plain with maple syrup like me?

This one? Skeptical about the whole outdoor fire and cooking malarkey.


  1. Ida Henriksen said:

    Yum yum !! Also something we want to try out this weekend :-)

    My favorite is : bacon,butter and sugar :))

    And sprinkles, as we were served in London by your sister :-)

    • Yummmmmm! Må prøves, men sukker oppå bacon altså? U amarican lady You! Xx

  2. Hilde said:

    Ååhh – det så koselig ut!!! Kanskje vi skal teste dette i Sirdalen nå til helgen!! Min favoritt er forøvrig med rørte jordbær – men syns også det er veldig godt med kanel og sukker!! God helg til dere alle sammen:)

    • Kos dere masse i helgen! Høres kjempe koselig ut! God helg til dine, og hils xoxox

  3. SOunds good – whatever works. You guys are clearly serious about your pancakes.

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