…and then they were gone. Flew through town at an incredible speed – so fast in fact that with all my fidgeting, and running up and down the road, trying desperately to find the best possible place in the world, to stand, climb on top of, crouch down beneath, hang with one arm off whilst the other ambitiously clutching the camera, I almost missed the whole thing.

I spotted a few teenagers on top of some rubbish bins, and joined them just in time to watch the Olympic cyclists fly passed us. I cheered, and waved my arms, jumped up and down, and enthusiastically snapped away with my camera, leaving Jono further down the road, with 2 kids, a Norwegain flag and a pirate flag, and quite likely the best possible spot to watch the road race.

20120730-211450.jpgThe build up had been immense. As well as barriers and flags going up all along the route, the nation getting behind their team by decorating their houses and front gardens with flags, there was that incredible show, also know as the Opening Ceremony… Wowzer. Tears. A lot of proud, happy tears. Just so stunning from start to finish, such a creative, fabulous and funny (Bond? Bean? Jolly good show,ey?) production. And then the road race the following day, going through our part of town. Several helicopters hovered above, as I waved up at them and texted my Mum in Norway “Heeeey, check us out! Can you spot the pirate flag?? Are we on TV?”.

20120730-211506.jpgAnd just as I was getting really, really into it, and decided to run down the road to tell Jono to quickly bring the kids up the road to where I was standing (on the bins, with the teenagers), it was all over. The whole thing lasted for about, what, maybe five seconds. But what an exciting few seconds it was!! Literally whoosh.


Norwegian Team! Heia heia heia!


GO Team GB! Guy in front obviously missed them..

20120730-211603.jpgThe following day saw the girls zooooom through town, whilst the thunder and rain poured down. How unfair for them! But no less exciting, and once again the crowds were there to cheer them on, armed with umbrellas and pack-a-macks. The end of the women’s road race was quite something, don’t you think?

I have an enormous amount of respect for all these athletes, who are so incredibly passionate about excelling in what they are great at, the sport they love. I wonder which sports my children will enjoy as they grow up? Will they find something they feel passionate about? I hope so. I hope they feel inspired.



Lizzie!! Gooo!


Ps. Check out this awesome video footage of the race by Jono. Interesting camera angle, no? Hahahaa..

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