I love the way the colours of the desert light up my children’s faces. I love snacking out of the cool box in the boot of the car. I love attending a sandy church service in the middle of the desert.

I love the sand that pours out of our pockets when we get home.

I love using the word love. DSC_0033 DSC_0029 DSC_0018DSC_0015 DSC_0019DSC_0039DSC_0007DSC_0037 DSC_0028

…ahem. Yes. That’s right. Boxing Day. As in last year. I totally forgot to hit ‘publish’ when I finished this post. Ooops. Criminal, I’m sure.




What’s that?

Christmas is over? Are you sure?

Forgive me for wanting to preserve our Christmas here, but you see. My kids cried when I started packing away the Christmas decorations. For a solid twenty minutes. Sobbed. Loudly. Clinging on to their little plastic Ikea trees for dear life. Heartbroken. I even took a photo and quickly sent it to Louisa.

So according to their suggested rules Christmas should be everyday forever all the time always. Which means, I am not late AT ALL with this post.




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Inspired by The 52 Project.

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Finley and Sienna: You. Are exactly my kind of perfect.

- – – – – – – – – -

My goodness. A whole year. We made it. We finished the challenge. Fifty two portraits of my children, over the last fifty two weeks. I did it.

It’s been a funny challenge, truth be told. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed it. Some weeks, I didn’t feel much like picking up my camera at all. But knowing at the back of my head that I had set myself this challenge. It pushed me. I didn’t want to ‘not complete’ it. And some weeks, that is the only reason I picked up my camera.

And for that. Looking back through all the photos now, all those memories. Stories. Behind the scenes truths, that only I know. I am so grateful. So very grateful. I did it.

There were times when I eagerly set myself challenges, and had creative ideas of how I wanted to capture them. What props and settings I thought would be fun to try out. New angles. Different lighting. I learned that some of my favourite portraits of my kids, were the ones that captured them in their element. Quietly playing with their favourite toys. Gazing, wondering, daydreaming. Unaware of me and the camera.

Joining in with The 52 Project meant I was exposed to some incredible photographers, from all around the world, and I have thoroughly enjoyed following their stories and unique ways of capturing their children’s portraits. So inspiring. 

Will I join in and continue this project for another year? Another 52 weeks. Another personal challenge. Do my kids want me to?

I’m not sure. Maybe. Probably. You (and I!) will just have to wait and see. Definitely, maybe. But for this year? I did it. 


PS: Week 1. And week 10. And 20. Oh, and remember week 30? And fourty… 


Now, you know I love a good ‘behind the scenes’, after a photoshoot, so of course I had to follow up on our Festive Collaboration with a few more photos. I’m a little late posting this (where has this month gone!), but I’m hoping this will leave you feeling a little merry and inspired.

While indulging in the delicious sweet treats Tom&Serg kindly provided us with, as well as several much needed lattes, we had so many good laughs. There’s something so fun about working with creative individuals that leaves you buzzing long after the project is finished.


If you fancy a few inside tips on where to find all these beauties, Kath will tell you how to ‘shop the look’ on her blog House of Hawkes. I’m excited about adding a few fresh ideas to my Christmas table this year!

Have a merry season!



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