DSC_0009 DSC_0032Sienna and Finley: Cabin life. Just a few daffodils peaking through, stretching their little yellow heads towards the warming spring sun. Six kids, five adults, on a hunt, following a trail of clues and challenges, which would hopefully lead us to the easter eggs. Thankfully someone in the group could name an Easter character, while someone else could answer questions of why we celebrate Easter and seeing as most of us knew the chorus of “Paaskemorgen” we found said eggs tucked beneath the annex. Let the Easter joy commence and sweep through us all and don’t eat too much all at once and yes you all got exactly the same who knew the Easter bunny could be so thoughtful and clever, ey?


DSC_0026 DSC_0037Finley: Always creating. Whether it be with pens or chalk, or furniture, or Lego or just stacking toy baskets to build walls and entrances. There’s always something that needs building or sticking or inventing.

Sienna: Another day, another house. And that is not a hat, that is her helmet, she informed me. See that blue basket with the balls inside? That is her favourite hideaway spot.

These are things I want to remember.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Happy Palm Sunday xoxo

DSC_0011DSC_0021Sienna: We’re watching a bird take a sand bath in our sandpit. As it flew away she counted until it came back.

Finley: A new pool for the garden. Yes! Can the whole family get in at once? Absolutely yes! 

This weekend marks Mother’s Day in the UAE. Of course we did not celebrate it, because we are of the type who purposely ignore these commercialised events, and strongly believe every day should be Mother’s Day. And Valentines. And Father’s Day. And Christmas and Easter and Pancake Day..

And I kid.

Of course we do not not celebrate them. It’s just that between the two adults in this house we can’t make our minds up should we be celebrating when it’s Mother’s Day in the UK, Norway or Dubai? Or all three? Sometimes we do all. But it’s a small and humble recognition. A card. A special breakfast. An extra big hug.

This year I got to enjoy a special treat. Finley and his LiveWire group performed a song about Moms in front of all the adults attending the normal service. I loved it so much. My guy. Up there. With the big kids. Spelling out M-O-M. Singing and doing the moves and waving to his Mamma. I cried, of course. And I smiled till my jaws hurt and waved and clapped and laughed and felt so very, very proud to be a Mamma.

To be their Mamma x

– – – – – – – – – – –

Happy UAE Mother’s Day!



DSC_0040 DSC_0062Finley: Patiently waiting to go for a swim in Abu Dhabi last weekend. A swim that lasted all of oh,  maybe say five hours. He would’ve happily stayed longer too, if we hadn’t insisted on feeding him and driving back to Dubai. Ugh. Logistics like that.

Sienna: “Mamma, take a photo of me in my new house!” It is a good house.



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